Sunday, 22 February 2015

What's your tone?

A lot of people don't  realise how important it is to choose the right tone or hues when it comes to hair colour. But if you think about it, most women know what tone they want when it comes to their tan, foundation and bronzer/blusher 

The same applies to your hair colour. 

As hairdressers we usually look at these things when we first meet a client. So how do you know what's right for you?? 

Firstly we access eye colour! Are you a cool blue brown or green? Or are you warm? Usually we find out by looking around the pupil and if you have warmer flecks you are warm but if there are no flecks you are cool toned 

Secondly do you wear gold or silver?
Cool skin tones suit silver and warm suits gold  

Thirdly what's the natural undertone in your skin pink or yellow? 

Cool skin has a pink undertone and warm skin has a yellow under tone 

So once you've deciphered these lets talk hair colour! 

If you have a cool skin tone the colours that will make you shine are icy cool blondes , violet undertoned Reds and cool brunettes 

If you have a warm skin tone the colours that will make you pop are warm honey or caramel blondes, true reds and coppers and warm brunettes 

As always there are exceptions to the rules we also have neutral toned colours that carry the same amount of cool and warm undertones so they suit everyone 

Pearl blondes, heathery brunettes and chocolate Browns 

So next time you thinking of changing your hair or even just a slight tweak. Use these quick tips and you will feel like you've just stepped off a runway 

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